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There is a bit of a misunderstanding about what I had been asking about.

The community classes are to be low cost $10/night (~3hours) of training
on how to do something.  Sometimes this is a set of training to teach a
suite or something.

The people that come to these classes in some cases don't understand how
to use a mouse.  These people for the most part do not have the ability
to figure out how to use Linux on there own.

In essence they are on their own.  

By training them with open office instead of MS office I will be able to
instruct them on the basics of word processing, spreadsheets, and
presentation software.  Some of these things may be useful in their
career fields.  More importantly though I am able to give them the
software (unlike the current classes taught in MS office) and I hope to
be able to put in a few words about the value of open standards and open

I would love to teach these people Linux in a hands on environment. 
That isn't going to happen right away.  That's going to take just a
little bit of time.  

As I have said right now my goal is to introduce the idea and values of
open source.  A year or 2 from now...and I may be able to introduce the
Linux classes and start getting people to use it on their desktop. 
Actually I already have Knoppix 3.3 ready to be presented to the program
director.  I will be demoing from Knoppix most likely.  So maybe I can
convince the director to present Linux as a class option.  

On a side note, the director of the program rescheduled on me.  Now it's
the 14th.  I should have a bit better plan prepared.

"There is a lot of speculation and I guess there is going to continue to
be a log of speculation until the speculation ends." - George W. Bush on
October 18, 1998

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