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Chris Spencer wrote:

Keep the picture of grandmas and grandpas in your head.

I don't think I could push Linux to them yet. First I need to get the
seed in there. Then I can plug Linux a bit more.

It's a baby step world out there.  We have to overcome the monopolies
hold on their own turf...before people will accept that maybe the grass
really is greener on the other side!


Just a suggestion, but don't sell those grandma/pa types short.

We've had a tremendous positive response from the senior circuit, both at their meetings where we have done training as well as at our Newbie lug (which tends to have an average age of 55 ;->

We also do outreach to high school as well. We are developing a lot of new venues constantly to address any and all ages, industries and needs.

Also, we are finding in introductory classes that people don't see a difference between open source desktops and non-open source except that they tend to think the multiple work areas of xwindows neat ;->

As an fyi...we are putting together an open techonologies expo,, that some of you might find of interest.

Christine Wanta
President, SLUUG
General Manager,

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