Re: [OS:N:] Private data hidden in Microsoft files?

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On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 19:16:26 at 07:16:26PM -0500, Mark Jensen ( wrote:

> Marco,
> I remember that either or had an article
> how British PM Tony Blair's government posted a .doc file on the Iraq
> war justification on their official website, and that .doc file showed
> that some of the past 9(?) edits, were done by their intelligence and
> "spin" organizations.   I did a quick google of both sites for some
> keywords, but cannot locate the article...  Perhaps I mis-remember the
> source?

Maybe, but now that you told it I too remember it to be about Blair and
editing the doc internally to justify their Iraq policy. Thanks.

Anyway, that is just an example, however important.

I am mainly interested in finding online recent documented proof from
reliable sources that recent versions of MS Office still put what you
might not like in your documents.


		Marco Fioretti

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