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	Students at my private university have created a petition to filter
pornographic and other harmful internet sites.  Per school charter, if
66% of the student body  chooses to sign the petition, it will be sent
to the Board of Directors for consideration and actually happen.  It is
expected to pass.
	What open source tools would be useful in filtering out unwanted
content?  What do you suggest we should do?  To completely block all
crap out there is totally unattainable, but should we use a blacklist
company?  That'd not too good, but supposedly if someone wants to
research something like abortion or stuff relating to sex all you have
to do is e-mail the company to have them unblock the site for you and it
will happen.
	While I'm not in complete agreement with it, it looks like it may
happen.  What should we do?  How can we block bad content yet retain
freedom?  Is there a way?  
	The merits of freedom on the internet are not the issue here.  The
students brought up the issue, not the university.  Thanks.


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