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Hi people.  just thought I would come in an introduce myself. My name is 
Dennis "Kernel Killer" Brown, and I've sold my soul to RedHat.  Right now I'm 
living in the town of Springfield Missouri, home of nothing but "that other 
OS".  Right now I'm starting to plan the construction of a local user group, 
since we lack one, and try to get Linux the spotlight that it deserves.  So 
far the local University has somewhat offered me a teaching job for the 
CompTIA Linux+ class, since I'm the only person documented who has even taken 
the test here, let alone pass it.  

	Unfortunatly,  it's seems that this town is a few years behind. The place 
that I work at now has just recently ugraded their system to a <add your name 
for it here> 4.0 system.  When I go to work with my Tux tie, it really makes 
me want to puke when someone says, "Oh! You like penguins too?" Note: even 
the people in the IT department didn't know what the penguin stood for.  
Anyways. Enough of my rants.

	Besides having CompTIA's Linux+ plus under my belt, I have CompTIA's A+, and 
will be taking their Network+ next month. After that, it's the RHCE, CCNA, 
and hopefully CompTIA's Security+, whenever they release it. Well, I'm outta 
words now. Glad to be here!


Penguins like to break windows.

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