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Hello Kevin,

At 05:00 PM 10/10/2002 -0400, Kevin Cole wrote:
>As well as some links to other sites, you'll find the LEG-UP CD Project,
>which is sort of a baby brother to the Open CD Project. (I hadn't heard
>of them when I started this.)  It's a CD full of Open Source that runs
>native under Windows, and it's meant to be a "leg up" to Linux.  ;-)

Absolutely, beautiful!  Hope you don't mind if I distribute to my Windows
friends.  BTW, you may want to stick a copyright notice on it, if only a
one-liner like "(c) 2002 Kevin Cole."  You deserve the credit for
assembling the pieces.  A GPL or some OpenSource license may be a good
idea, as well as pointers of where to download the source.  I believe this
is a requirement of the GPL.  Then again, IANAL.

On a technical level, did you assemble your collection by hand, or did you
automate the assembly?  If you automated it, what did you use?

>Enjoy.  But don't beat on the machine too hard.

Sorry.  I just had to get the CD.  It's now on our intranet which is, of
course, being served by a RH7.1 Linux box (P166, 64 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD).

- Robert

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