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I don't find it hard to believe, but it is sad how
intolerant people are--particularly people on this
list The Redhat survey was clearly labeled as
marketing information. It was not a subtle come on or
an advertisement.

Redhat (if some of you have forgotten) sponsored this
mail list and is trying to promote Linux down many
different avenues. Many of you have never purchased
Redhat software. This is understandable--money in
education is difficult to come by, but it also means
that redhat has to conserve its money and still find
ways to meet it's customers needs and pay for things
like the computers and bandwidth that this mailing
list consumes. It is not a monopoly so it can't simply
raise prices to cover marketing costs and it is
competing against on of strongest monopolies in the
world. A simple survey on this mail list makes a lot
of sense. They don't do it often and the information
they collect helps to target thier marketing more

This a list of lots of smart people trying to do a
hard job with very little resources. The people on
this list of all lists should understand the value of
information. Isn't collecting and disseminating
information what education is all about?

How can Redhat continue to grow and expand if it does
not answer market needs? How can it find out what it
needs if it has to spend money needlessly when a
simple request can be made. If redhat does not make
money someway, who will host lists like this one?

I buy software from redhat when I could easily
download it. I have high speed connections at home and
work. This is because they do a great job and the
money I spend with them is far less than with other
software. Reality check time. I have six computers at
home and in my wife's business.

My Software costs for MS SW would be:

5 X $200 MS XP      =  $1,000
1 X $700 MS Server =  $  700
3 X $400 MS Office =  $1,200

Yearly maintenace is roughly 27%  or $783 per year. 
For all of Redhat's software I pay either $39 or $199
depending on the version I buy. Redhat gets 40 bucks
to Redmonds 2900 + 783 per year.  Do we think we can
cut them some slack?  Instead of bitching and moaning,
how about some creative ideas on how Redhat can
compete and serve the education market more effectivly
instead of silly whining about some survey. 

Oh and no, I am not affiliated with Redhat in any way. 

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