Re: [Openh323-devel] [h323plus] Modifying Q.931 IEs in setup PDU

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I absolutely agree that the application settings should not be
overwritten after OnSendSignalSetup() and made the change in the
H323Plus CVS.


Paul Chitescu wrote:
> Hello all!
> While trying to add code in Yate to set some important parameters - for the 
> telephony business - I noticed my changes are overwritten by OpenH323 / 
> H323Plus.
> I reimplemented H323Connection::OnSendSignalSetup() and changed the Q.931 
> fields in setupPDU. Unfortunately the following code (in h323.cxx) undoes my 
> changes:
> if (!OnSendSignalSetup(setupPDU))
>     return EndedByNoAccept;
>   // Do this again (was done when PDU was constructed) in case
>   // OnSendSignalSetup() changed something.
>   setupPDU.SetQ931Fields(*this, TRUE);
>   setupPDU.GetQ931().GetCalledPartyNumber(remotePartyNumber);
> Is there any solid reason why setupPDU.SetQ931Fields(*this, TRUE) is called? 
> Its default parameters are overwriting the type, plan, presentation and 
> screening of the numbers. I also need to set separate type of number on caller 
> and called party numbers.
> My plan is to patch OpenH323 / H323Plus to delete the extra SetQ931Fields(). 
> Do you see any unintended consequences of such a change?
> Regards,
> Paul Chitescu

Jan Willamowius, jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

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