[Openh323-devel] Serious API change in PTrace::SetStream

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I'm using an Asterisk with chan_h323 module which is based on openh323. 
After upgrading to pwlib 1.12 I started to experience crashes during 
loading and unloading that module. The problem isn't stopper but is 
quite annoying so I've made an investigation and found out that the 
crash occurs in the following code:

          if (logstream) {
                delete logstream; // APPLICATION CRASHES HERE
                logstream = NULL;

And here is the code from PTraceInfo::SetStream:

        void SetStream(ostream * newStream)
            if (stream != &cerr && stream != &cout)
                delete stream;
            stream = newStream;

However the pwlib prior 1.12.0 didn't delete the old stream:

        void PTrace::SetStream(ostream * s)
        #ifndef __NUCLEUS_PLUS__
          if (s == NULL)
            s = &cerr;

          if (PTraceMutex == NULL)
            PTraceStream = s;
          else {
            PWaitAndSignal m(*PTraceMutex);
            PTraceStream = s;

IMHO this API change is too serious to be allowed without any 
compatibility shims.

  Kind regards,
  Andriy Pylypenko

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