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> With the current difficulty in getting the project owners to provide
> even
> the most basic support like maintaining a mailing list (or even
> turning off
> the existing broken one) or allowing someone to maintain the openh323
> webpage without the most outrageous conditions. I have been left with
> no
> alternative but to move on.

I would like to point out that this is NOT Craig and myself!!

> The website is currently under construction.
> Most of the code is in the CVS and we hope to have a release out in
> the
> coming weeks.

So, OpenH323 truly IS being orphaned. How sad!

> Some of the new work now available in h323plus
> H.230  Conference Controls (incl tunneling GCC (T.124))
> H.239  Application Sharing
> H.249  Extended user inputs
> H.341  SNMP support
> H.350  LDAP WhitePages
> H.460  Numerous custom Extensibility features
>         Text Messaging (working doc ITU),
>         Follow Me,
>         PDI (Personal Data Interchange)
> H.460.9 RealTime QoS Measurements
> Video Plugins (fully compatible with Opal)
> H.235 Plugins (for external Biometric and smartcard authenticators)
> QoS Capability negotiation
> Conference Controls capability advertisement.
> New work planned/proposed
> H.460.presence
> H.460.18/19 Nat Traversal
> Video on Demand project (using H.239/H.249)

The fact that this is all not going to be available in OPAL really makes me
want to cry. :-(

Ah well, such is Open Source.

Robert Jongbloed
OPAL/OpenH323 Architect and Co-founder.

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