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To all

Many many programs use and rely on OpenH323 including GnuGk, Yate, Asterisk
(h323_chan), OpenMCU, PacPhone etc and although some programs such as
X-Meeting and Ekiga have migrated to Opal numerous others haven't. There has
been some disquiet about the imminent orphaning of OpenH323 and subsequent
dropping of support for these projects and I would like to put some of those
fears to rest.

As many of you are aware I am the last remaining active developer committed
to continuing development of OpenH323. I have been developing over the last
10 months quietly on a seperate branch in the openH323 repository a large
amount of code tidy up and the addition of numerous new features. This
should really be released to the world.

With the current difficulty in getting the project owners to provide even
the most basic support like maintaining a mailing list (or even turning off
the existing broken one) or allowing someone to maintain the openh323
webpage without the most outrageous conditions. I have been left with no
alternative but to move on.

Some months ago I offered to take over support for openH323 as part of my
continuing develop of pacphone and my support within GnuGk and I intend to
honor that however it has become quite untenable under the current

With the full support of Packetizer who have offered to supply protocol
expertise, webspace, mailinglist ect and to further development of projects
such as GnuGk (and a few others) who rely on OpenH323, I have taken the
opportunity to spin my work on the openh323_plugins branch in the CVS and
start a new project called h323plus hosted on SF. Several other programmers
have offered to maintain the project so by no means is it going to be a one
man effort.

The website is currently under construction.
Most of the code is in the CVS and we hope to have a release out in the
coming weeks.

New Mailing List is up and you are encouraged to join.

The following projects are currently planned to be supported within
OpenMCU (including remote conference controls)
OpenAM  (upgraded to support VoiceMail support to GnuGk)

The Library is almost drop-in replacable with the existing OpenH323 and
contains numerous enhancements including video plugins (compatible with
Opal) and large amount of new work not currently supported in Opal.

Some of the new work now available in h323plus
H.230  Conference Controls (incl tunneling GCC (T.124))
H.239  Application Sharing
H.249  Extended user inputs
H.341  SNMP support
H.350  LDAP WhitePages
H.460  Numerous custom Extensibility features
        Text Messaging (working doc ITU),
        Follow Me,
        PDI (Personal Data Interchange)
H.460.9 RealTime QoS Measurements
Video Plugins (fully compatible with Opal)
H.235 Plugins (for external Biometric and smartcard authenticators)
QoS Capability negotiation
Conference Controls capability advertisement.

New work planned/proposed
H.460.18/19 Nat Traversal
Video on Demand project (using H.239/H.249)

We can also provide full consulting service support for existing openH323
based projects as well as provide assistance in migration of these projects
to h323plus.


Simon Horne
Principal Maintainer
h323plus project

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