[Openh323-devel] SimpleOPAL still problematic for PWLib v1.10.3 and OPAL 2.2.4

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Hi all,

I've download pwlib v1.10.1 and opal 2.2.2 then compile successfully.

I've download pwlib v1.10.3 and opal 2.2.4 then compile successfully.

I also compile simpleOpal files successfully.

But when I paste PTLibd.dll(file version: or 1.10.3,0) and opald.dll (file version: or to the directory of C:\opal\samples\simple\Debug and try to run simpleOPAL.exe by double click on the simpleOPAL.exe then an error occur.

To avoid version conflict when i build other files i disable previous versions.

First show a command prompt then show a window  where written simpleOPAL.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. Then there are three button Debug, Send Error Report and Don't send and I as usual select Don't send then the program quit.

I need a solution as quick as possible if anybody know the solvency please mail me or let me know.

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