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Simon Horne wrote:
> At 10:23 AM 15/08/2007, you wrote:
>> Very much incorrect, depending on your definition of "maturity".
>> OpenH323 has had virtually nothing done to it for a long time.
> Well you know that is definitely not correct. You just sent me an email 
> about checking something in :-)

As I said, if someone waves enough money under my nose. :-)

> GnuGk and PacPhone (and I suspect a few other) as still being actively 
> developed with OpenH323.

And the fact that there are many legacy systems out there is not the 
point. I am pushing for any new start projects to use OPAL and to not 
use OpenH323.

> In fact there has been quite extensive work on OpenH323 stack just that 
> there has not been a merge and release.
> Some of the new things
> Video Plugins (backported from Opal)
> H.239 application sharing
> H.249 extended user input
> H.341 SNMP
> H.350 LDAP whitepages
> Extensive H.460 support include text messaging,  H.460.9 realtime QoS 
> monitoring, follow me, personal data interchange

Yes, and pretty much all checked in by you, Simon! I looked at the last 
12 months and other than a handful of bug fixes by Craig, Derek and 
myself, you are it.

And I have to say you have done a fantastic job with it. I do not want 
to in any way denigrate or discourage what you have done and are 
continuing to do. But, it would be REALLY good if this was in OPAL!

OK, we can port it to OPAL. One day. When we have time. Unfortunately 
the phrase "when we have time" is a euphemism for "never". :-( This is 
the way Open Source works, no recriminations, it just is.

It is this dilution (and duplication) of effort we are trying to avoid. 
Maintaining two stacks is hideous, but necessary, however that extra 
effort should be minimised as far as possible. The only way to do that 
is to move users on to the new library. The way to do THAT is to do all 
new development there. The new features will eventually make people 
change, and certainly assure new starts happen there.

That said, money talks, and back ports do and will continue to happen.

Note: before someone thinks this is a callous means to extort money from 
people, it most certainly is NOT. I would much rather they paid me to 
change their code to use OPAL than do the back port! :-)

Robert Jongbloed
OpenH323 & OPAL Architect.

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