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Hello all,

I've spent  a lot of time but unfortunately was not able to find a soultion of this issue. After some investigation i found that when opal is changing codec infomation only h263-qcif codec is appeared. But when I call OpalMediaFormatList& allMediaFormats = OpalMediaFormat::GetAllRegisteredMediaFormats() it gets me list with more codecs( with h263-cif also). Unfortunately, i don't know how to tell opal or opalplaginmgr that i want to use only h263-cif format not h263-qcif format. However when i use SIP protocol opal uses h263-cif format. Also i tried to use the h323EP->AddAllCapabilities(0,0,"*CIF"); methos but it didn't help me. Please help me solve this issue.

Thanks in advance,


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