[Openh323-devel] Firewall support via: h.460.17/18/19

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We are looking at deploying TANDBERG Border Controller would maximize 
the effectiveness of the MXP's because they are H.460.18/19 enabled 
device and other Universities are using them.

I am looking for the status of H.323 Firewall/NAT Traversal support 
via H.460.17/.18/.19 in OPAL?

Is someone working on this for OPAL?
If so, do you need anyone to help test the implementation?

If not any pointer on what needs to be done where to start? I already 
know how to compile the libraries and know a little about how they 
work, but am weak on implementing new features.

	Are there updates in ASN.1 needed to support it?

FYI: Polycom has a nice white paper on H.460.17/.18/.19 at:,1687,7398,00.pdf

Mark Fleming, Learning Technology Specialist, ITServices
markf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Voice: 613.533.2039, Fax: 613 533-6735

ITServices, Queen's University at Kingston,
Ontario, Canada, K7L 3N6
Co-operative Learning Object Exchange (CLOE) @ Queen's
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