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Trying to compile openh323 and I get an error...

# make opt
make -C src opt
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/slarsen/openh323_v1_19_0_1/src'
-I/usr/local/share/pwlib//include -Os   -felide-constructors -c
h323ep.cxx -o
/home/slarsen/openh323_v1_19_0_1/include/h4601.h: In member function
\u2018H460_FeatureContent::operator H460_FeatureTable*()\u2019:
/home/slarsen/openh323_v1_19_0_1/include/h4601.h:292: warning:
type-punning to incomplete type might break strict-aliasing rules
h323ep.cxx: In member function \u2018PNatMethod*
H323EndPoint::GetPreferedNatMethod(const PIPSocket::Address&)\u2019:
h323ep.cxx:3211: error: \u2018class PNatStrategy\u2019 has no member
named \u2018GetNATList\u2019
h323ep.cxx:3215: error: \u2018class PNatMethod\u2019 has no member named
make[1]: ***
[/home/slarsen/openh323_v1_19_0_1/lib/obj_linux_x86_r/h323ep.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/slarsen/openh323_v1_19_0_1/src'
make: *** [opt] Error 2

Any thoughts?

Stewart Larsen

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