Re: [Openh323-devel] pwlib compile error

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At 09:07 AM 25/04/2007, Craig Southeren wrote:
>Simon has checked in a fix for the problem, but I am more concerned as
>to what caused it. Certainly, nobody has changed ipacl.cxx for a long
>time, so it must be elsewhere

I think it came from the unixODBC stuff I committed. Michal Z (GnuGk who 
did the linux port of my windows ODBC) and I had a long discussion on why 
DWORD is defined different in unixODBC than in pwlib. The change in 
contains.cxx? correlates DWORD with the unixODBC definition but 
unfortunately causes an unintended problem in ipacl.cxx on some systems.


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