our findings in upgrading to head pwlib / openh323

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I tested our MCU (based on OpenMCU2) on Linux with the latest pwlib and openh323 and found the following with regard to the standard video codecs.


The new implementation of AdaptivePacket delay in RFC2190 H263 doesn’t prevent some 3G phones from getting behind with their displaying of video. I guess this is to do with the phone not properly handling the packet delays. The original sleep algorithm does work however.


H261 is now all over the place from what I can only deduce are the changes related to comments such as these

“Eliminate need for linking winsock just for ntohl() function.”


I have managed to work around these problems but thought it might be worthwhile mentioning even though there is a good chance that we are not setting things up in quite the way that was intended with these advances.










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