Re: Is it a good idea to continue after Assertion fail?

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frederic heem wrote:

On Friday 24 November 2006 12:43 pm, Vyacheslav Frolov wrote:

OK. Now with PWLIB_ASSERT_EXCEPTION it do Core dump (if no exception

What about to do it more flexible?
For example replace PWLIB_ASSERT_EXCEPTION by
PWLIB_ASSERT_ACTION={A[bort]|C[ore dump]|I[gnore]|T[hrow

Indeed, that would be much better, are you willing to implement it ?

OK, I'll do it.

I found that "<A>bort" does not aborting process. It only stops current thread.
Is it TRUE on other systems (it's TRUE on RedHat 7.3)?
Is it what we expect?
May be change "<A>bort" to "<A>bort thread"?


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