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Dear developers,

I have built a web page to explain how this IP-IP gateway works, as well as source code and win32 binary executable file downloads.

Please visit for detail.

I will be in vacation in the coming weeks, mails to me would not be replied until may-8, sorry for that.

Best Regards.


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From: kubuqi cn
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 7:03 AM
Subject: [Openh323gk-developer] A IP-IP H323 Gateway based on GnuGK 2.2beta4

Dear developers,

As so far, GnuGK can act as H323GK as well as a H323 Proxy, but not a
After some coding works with GnuGK, I accomplished a IP-IP Gateway,
which could route calls between differend H323 zones, and I am glad to share
it with you all, to contrib my works to the GnuGK project.

The idea of this ip-ip gateway is like this:

Zone 1 Zone 2

          GK1                    GK2
         /   \                    /     \
      /        \                /         \
  EP1       IP-IP Gateway        EP2

Here GK 1 knows nothing about GK2 nor EP2, nor a ip route is required.
IP-IP Gateway will registered with both GK1 and GK2 as a Gateway, with some
prefixes declared.
Now if EP1 make a call that has a destination matches these prefixes,
call will be routed to the IP-IP Gateway, and IP-IP Gateway would initiates
a ARQ in Zone 2 to GK2 and conduct the call to proper termination.

     In fact, this IP-IP Gateway can route calls between more than 2 zone,
  just a matter of  configuration file works.

- kubuqi

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