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NTSB Safety Recommendations A-12-13 through -17





National Transportation Safety Board

Washington, DC 20594


April 10, 2012




NTSB Safety Recommendations A-12-13 through -17




The National Transportation Safety Board makes the following

recommendations to the Reno Air Racing Association:


Require aircraft owners, as a condition of eligibility to

participate in the Reno National Championship Air Races, to

provide an engineering evaluation that includes flight

demonstrations and analysis within the anticipated flight

envelope for aircraft with any major modification, such as

to the structure or flight controls. (A-12-13)


Evaluate the design of the unlimited class course and safety

areas to minimize maneuvering near and potential conflicts

with spectators; if warranted by the results of the

evaluation, implement changes to the race course. (A-12-14)


Take the following actions to raise the level of safety for

spectators and personnel near the race course: (1) relocate

the fuel truck away from the ramp area and (2) in front of

any area where spectators are present, install barriers more

substantial than those currently in place. (A-12-15)


Provide high g training to pilots, including techniques to

mitigate the potential effects of high g exposure, as part

of preparations before the Reno National Championship Air

Races (NCAR) and during daily briefs at the NCAR. (A-12-16)


Evaluate the feasibility of requiring pilots to wear g suits

when racing at the Reno National Championship Air Races; if

the evaluation determines it is feasible, implement a

requirement. (A-12-17)









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Electronic versions of letters may or may not include

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