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NTSB Safety Recommendations A-09-21 through A-09-28

Title: NTSB Safety Recommendations A-09-21 through A-09-28




National Transportation Safety Board

Washington, DC 20594

May 19, 2009


NTSB Safety Recommendations A-09-21 through A-09-28


The National Transportation Safety Board makes the following

recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration:

Evaluate the history of uncommanded air turbine starter

valve (ATSV)-Open events in the MD-80 fleet and the

effectiveness of coupling the ATSV-Open light to the Master

Caution system to determine whether all MD-80 airplanes need

to be modified to couple the ATSV-Open light to the Master

Caution system. Once the evaluation is completed, require

any necessary modifications. (A-09-21)

Require principal operations inspectors to review their

Operators pilot guidance and training on task allocation

and workload management during emergency situations to

verify that they state that, to the extent practicable, the

pilot running the checklists should not engage in additional

nonessential operational tasks, such as radio

communications. (A-09-22)

Require MD-80 series airplane operators to incorporate

information about the relationship between the pneumatic

crossfeed valve and the engine fire handle into their

training programs and written guidance. (A-09-23)

Establish best practices for conducting both single and

multiple emergency and abnormal situations training. (A-09-


Once the best practices for both single and multiple

emergency and abnormal situations training asked for in

Safety Recommendation A-09-24 have been established, require

that these best practices be incorporated into all

operators approved training programs. (A-09-25)

Require that operators provide pilots with guidance

requiring that pilots and flight attendants actively monitor

exit availability and configure the airplane and cabin for

an evacuation when the airplane is stopped away from the

gate after a significant event to help expedite an emergency

evacuation if one becomes necessary. (A-09-26)

Revise Advisory Circular 120-48, Communication and

Coordination Between Flight Crewmembers and Flight

Attendants, to update guidance and training provided to

flight and cabin crews regarding communications during

emergency and unusual situations to reflect current industry

knowledge based on research and lessons learned from

relevant accidents and incidents over the last 20 years. (A-


Require Boeing to establish an appropriate replacement

interval for air turbine starter valve air filters installed

on all MD-80 series aircraft. (A-09-28)




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