[Bug 33222] random hang-up with nouveau when browsing with Google chrome

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--- Comment #6 from Zhang Chi <zhangchi866 at gmail.com> 2011-01-22 06:58:08 PST ---
I have to mention that this bug is quite like
except when I pressed SysRq+E, when the harddisk indicator is no longer
flashing, the screen is still locked up, with the last screen in X, and a mouse
able to move.

Both xf86-video-nouveau and mesa are from git repo.
for xf86-video-nouveau I used:
./configure --prefix=/usr
and for mesa:
./configure --enable-glx-tls --with-dri-drivers= --enable-gallium-nouveau
--disable-gallium-i915 --disable-gallium-i965 --disable-gallium-radeon
--disable-gallium-r600 --disable-gallium-svga --with-state-trackers=glx,dri

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