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Re: [NNTPCACHE] Problems compiling nntpcache 3.0.1 on Solaris 8


GNU and other makes running under Solaris 8 uses Bourne Shell, /bin/sh. Bourne
Shell does not support a -e flag on the test command.  Under some Linux, make
use Korn Shell which does support the -e flag, but this is not Posix compliant.
To make NNTPCache code more portable, I suggest using the -f flag on the
test command.


> Hi,
> I currently trying to get nntpcache 3.0.1 working on my Solaris 8 server but
> I'm having a few problems with it.
> I'm using GNUmake 3.79.1 & gcc 3.1 but the process seems to fail when I run
> make install with the following error.

Yes. The built in sh solaris test(1) -e is buggy! You might want to try
replacing this with -f


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