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Re: [NNTPCACHE] background yEnc decoding

There is a new binary encoding format called yEnc. Its taken over a number
of newsgroups. It was developed in Germany and is public domain. It is
estimated to save bandwidth over UUE / base 64 encoding by as much as 30%.
Info is available at www.yenc32.com.

Several newsgroup services now offer background yEnc decoding. That is, as
long as you are logged in to their newsgroup server, all binary 
attachments encoded in yEnc are automatically decoded. This saves users
the necessity of having a special newsgroup reader (such as XNews or
Gravity) that does this decoding. Therefore, with a newsgroup reader that
does not have yEnc decoding capability, the newsgroup server already does
this and the decoding is transparent to the user who would not ordinarily
have this capability.

The reason it might be worthwhile to have background yEnc decoding is
because from what I can tell there are a large number of users that do not
have readers capable of this kind of decoding. We your server to offer the
service, it would attract additional users at this time. Within a few
months or so, many users will switch over to readers that have this
decoding, but this will cost them money. Right now from what I can tell,
users are looking for background yEnc decoding instead of buying a reader
that does it, since they are mostly already paying for newsgroup
services. If their newsgroup service does not do yEnc decoding, they will
switch to one that does instead of buying a reader that does.

On Mon, 6 May 2002, Peter Tonoli wrote:

> On Fri, 3 May 2002 ray@24hoursecurity.org wrote:
> > 
> > Does nntpcached support backgroup yEnc decoding? 
> > If so, could you please point me towards some links to information
> > concerning the subject, as I cannot find anything related in the
> > documentation or on the web site.
> What do you mean?

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