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[NNTPCACHE] initial server rebuild in progress (0 groups complete)

Each time I try to connect to my nntpcache, I get:

503 initial server rebuild in progress (0 groups complete), please try again later.

I did not changed minActive since it appears that I do not even have
one group :-(

On the nntpcache host, the only thing I have in the logs are:

Mar  8 11:53:56 aragon nntpcache-nocem[27569]: nocem.c:325:No such file or directory: group change to 'news.lists.filters' failed

which is strange (I tried to connect to the DEFAULT server with rtin
and it does have news.lists.filters).

On the DEFAULT server, the only thing I see in the log:

Mar  8 11:53:30 machoke nnrpd[3955]: SERVER perl filtering enabled
Mar  8 11:53:30 machoke nnrpd[3955]: aboukir-101-1-15-netaktiv.adsl.nerim.net connect
Mar  8 11:54:05 machoke nnrpd[3955]: aboukir-101-1-15-netaktiv.adsl.nerim.net times user 0.250 system 0.030 elapsed 35.002

Where could I check now?

NNTPcache 2.3.3, Debian package.

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