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Expire doesn't seem to work!

Hi All,

    nntpcache version: 2.3.3
     operating system: Sun SPARC Solaris 7
             compiler: GCC 2.95.1 (default configure options)

Expire doesn't seem to be doing what it should.  I've increased
minBlocksFree to four times what's presently free (just in case I'm
reading the output of "df" incorrectly) and reduced maxArtAge to 2w.
Looking in the actual cache I see articles well over two weeks old.

Any ideas?

Jim Seymour                  | PGP Public Key available at:
jseymour@jimsun.LinxNet.com  | http://www.uk.pgp.net/pgpnet/pks-commands.html
http://jimsun.LinxNet.com    |

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