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Re: NNTPC: brainstorm

Faye Pearson <faye@clara.net> writes:

> I've got a setup with 3 servers behind an nntpcache which I'm
> experimenting with.  The top server carries all groups so has
> very little retention.  The other two have specific binary
> feeds.
> Some readers are using messageid to retrieve binaries
> but because they're using messageid they're coming from
> the main server but then it fails to cache them because
> they didn't come from the server that nntpcache gets that
> type of article from.
> Is it possible to cache it in the right place and then store
> the history?
> Or...
> Should I change the order so that text articles requested by
> id miss on both binaries servers before being found on the
> main one?
> What do you think?

Well, the latter would certainly be easier, but might delay article
delivery a bit. The problem with the former solution is what to do
about article numbering.

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