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Re: NNTPC: nntpcache configuration

Ok, with tcpdump I get a lot of things i don't understand. But I think it has
to do with my DNS. So you're right! After 2 minutes and when there was a line
with "ServFail", I get my news. So how can I turn this off?
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From: "Julian Assange" <proff@iq.org>, on 3/24/01 12:16 PM:

"Marius Schaefer" <mschaefer@tuvps.co.jp> writes:

> OK, thanks a lot!
> But how can I disable Ident lookups?
> in my config I found this:
> # perform identd lookups
> rfc931			no
> # timeout waitung for ident lookups
> rfc9311Timeout	5
> so does it mean it is allready disalbed?
> thx
> marius

Then they should already be disabled, so your
probably is likely to be DNS resolution. Perhaps
you can check this by tcpdump port 53 udp traffic when
nntpcache gets a client connect?

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