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On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Peter Tonoli wrote:

> Hello,
> On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Gavin Hamill wrote:
> > *                       *               read,auth=user/pass;passwd

> Are you using MD5 passwords or plain DES passwords? (not that this should
> be a problem).

Well, I've since managed to get it working by using the following
nntpcache.access line

*          *        read,auth=user/pass;pipe * /etc/nntpok

which lets /any/ user on the system log in - a less than desirable
situation (/etc/nntpok just contains one line - 'klubnews' - the system
user I want to use for remote reading)

> Tried using the PAM support? Same result? The PAM support for NNTPCache
> was developed under Debian 2.1.

I've never really had any truck with PAM.. I generally try to use MySQL
auth whenever possible... makes it a lot easier to manage :) 
What I'm saying is - I have no idea how to use PAM.

Ideally all I want is a single user/pass combination that can then get
news access from anywhere on the Net...


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