Mapping of Device Physical Address to Kernel Virtual address

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Dear All,
                   Is it possible to map a physical address of a device to a known Kernel virtual address. I know about ioremap_xxx (...). 
which will map a physical address of a device to a kernel virtual address allocated by ioremap_xxx(...). 

For E.g. I have a device whose physical address range is 0x80008000 to 0x80008FFF. 
             Is it possible to map this device physical address to a known virtual address range 0xF0008000 to 0xF0008FFF. 

My hardware configuration has 128 MB of system RAM which will have been MAPPED to the Kernel virtual address from 0xC0000000 to 0xC7FFFFFF

Also is it possible to configure the vmalloc kernel virtual address region to a fixed range of 128 MB from 0xC8000000 to 0xCFFFFFFF 


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