Re: Kernel module to dump Used heap/stack of a user process

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2012/5/14 Dhyan <linuxdhyan@xxxxxxxxx>
Dear All,

 I am writing a kernel module which will accept  user process id (PID) as input and dump all the address space of that user process,like  stack,heap segment.

I took mm->start_brk as start of heap ,mm->brk as end of heap,then i am seeing, even though user process is not using 33 pages heap size shows as 33 pages
 (mm->brk -mm->start_brk) . (This i verified using /proc/pid/maps) .Stack also behaves in similar way,

So is there any way i can find out the really used heap staring from mm->start_brk,So that i can dump only the used heap


I am a kernelnewby and used to write a same kernel module.and hope to help you.
   please see the link

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