data abort in paging_init call in kernel

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I'm doing kernel porting to arm926 based FPGA board,very minimal setup.
Only UART and timer devices are available as part of FPGA.

Below are the details
#define PLAT_PHYS_OFFSET       0x80000000 (with 128 MB SDRAM)
#define CONFIG_PAGE_OFFSET  0xc0000000

Kernel command parameter has 64MB for mem (mem=64M)

Memory layout:

0xc000_0000 - 0xc800_0000 (128MB virtual mapped SDRAM)
initramfs from 0xC200_0000 - 0xC280_0000 (8MB)
vmalloc is used from 0xc400_0000 - 0xc800_0000


device registers are accessed by using ioremap() calls

If I enable data cache and debug with JTAG, Kernel ends up in data
abort exception vector address after paging_init() call.

I think there is some problem in memory setup.Can some one suggest how
to overcome this...


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