kernel boot procedure

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hello experts,,

I am starting out and heavily confused for the part of linux kernel boot::
(plz. do rectify me at all the wrong places)

       when bootloader in bios executes its code, it do POST and other things...then as I read from somewhere  kernel does initrd to load some basic modules so as to mount the root file system and then removes itself..... does kernel do initrd as the kernel(vmlinuz) itself is present on the harddisk ....i mean how the control is transferrred to the kernel(present in hdd) from the bios????
      --at initial point drivers(i mean the protocol to access the harddisk) is not known then how the MBR is accessed ??
2.can we put the kernel (even though very small part of it) in the bios itself??

saurabh shandilya

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