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From: cheneydeng
Sent: 2012年02月22日 星期三 23时38分37秒
To: kernelnewbies
Subject: About interrupt handler
hi all,
     I'm begin to learn the Kernel and i'm reading <<Linux kernel development>>.It says "This is an important point, always keep in mind that all interrupt handler has interrupted other code(possibly even another interrupt handler on a different line)".What i am not able to understand is how a interrupt handler be interrupted ? DID NOT it uninterrupted?

It has more related to CPU architecture. Generally, while an interrupt handler is being executed, the handler itself can chose to disable or enable external interrupts (i.e, take x86 for example, IF bit for cflags reg controls this.). If IF is enabled, then the interrupt handler currently being executed may be interrupted and then jump to the entry for the coming interrupt.


best regards!
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