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AFAIK, shared pages usually get in swap cache first and stay there till page reference count reaches limit. As soon as it is reached page is swapped out on disk.

P.S. Sorry for posting reply over original message. E-mail client on my handheld device isn't configurable enough :-( 
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Hi all

Recently I dig out my old script that count the total number of
swapped out pages. Basically, the script looks like this (sorry for
any obvious typo):
for a in /proc/[0-9]*
do strings $a/cmdline;
        echo ;
        grep Swap $a/smaps |  awk '{ SUM += $2 } END { print SUM }';
        echo ----------------;

the problem is: the total number of swapped out pages (in kilobytes)
doesn't match the output of "free" (swap used column). The difference
is not really big, it ranges around 1-2 megabytes in my measurements.

Anybody knows why?


Mulyadi Santosa
Freelance Linux trainer and consultant


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Vladimir Murzin
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