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On Friday 30 December 2011 02:06 PM, 
michi1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi!
> On 12:30 Fri 30 Dec     , nilesh wrote:
>> On Thursday 29 December 2011 08:23 PM, Rahul Kumar wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I would like to check the interface status (up/down) within linux kernel.
>>> Is there any routine (sort of ioctl) to do this. Any code that is
>>> already in use in kernel would also be helpful for me.
>>> Please let me know.
>> I think netif_carrier_ok() could help. You can refer network driver
>> code(e.g. e1000_main.c).
> This looks more like "cable attached" rather than "interface up".
Oh yes, it will just tell us if the carrier is available.
IFF_UP flag is the right way, as you suggested in the other email.

> 	-Michi


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