issues regarding using initramfs for entire root fs?

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  i figure someone here has probably done this -- just as
proof-of-concept, i want to create a kernel that incorporates a
standalone initramfs root filesystem.  if it's useful to know, it will
be for a powerpc lite5200 board.

  it's not something i'd do in normal practice, but it's for a course
i'm teaching in a couple weeks, and i thought it would be fun to show
how it works.  i've never done it myself, so i just want to know what
limits or issues i'd run into, such as a hard limit on initramfs size
or anything else.

  obviously, i'll try to build as small an initramfs as possible.  as
i said, it's not meant to be practical so much as just a demo of it
being a possibility.



Robert P. J. Day                                 Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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