Ask an issue about how can I let netfilter-nat work normally, thanks

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Hi Sirs,
I am Steve Miao from China, currently we use broadcom's WiFi chipset, the chipset version is 5356  the software version is linux-2.6-router-
We meet an issue about fast-nat, we plan to remove fast-nat and use common netfilter-nat base some reasons, when we removed fastnat by disabling CONFIG_BCM_NAT(the option of kernle's menuconfig) or let "ipv4_conntrack_fastnat=0",  fast-nat is disabled succesfully, but netfilter-NAT can not work normally, the phenomenon is:  we can ping any website,  can not surf  it. that means ICMP can work normally but TCP/UDP can not.
Could anyone pls tell me how I can let netfilter-NAT work normally? if you know it pls kindly let me know.
Thank you very much!!!
Steve 		 	   		  --
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