Iptables "-m time" option doesn't update when the clock changes

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I'm using the following line in my iptables firewall to block internet access for one of the machines on the network for one hour a day:


iptables -A FORWARD -p ALL -o $INET_IFACE -m mac --mac-source $BLOCKED_MAC1 -m time --timestart $BLOCKED_TIMESTART1 --timestop $BLOCKED_TIMESTOP1 -j DROP

Everything works fine - except that when the clocks change from winter time to summer time (in UK) - the rule keeps on working on the old time. The clock of this server (checked with "date") updates correctly. If I restart the server - the rule finally starts working on the correct time. Last year when this happened, I posted here and I was advised to change the hardware clock to UTC (from local time) - which I did. However, now that the clock just changed again from winter time to summer time - the user is complaining again that their Internet access slot is off by an hour.

Does anybody know why is this happening?
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