Re: netfilter_queue : use --queue-balance in multithreaded environment

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Arif Hossain <freefall1986@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm using libnetfilter_queue for userspace modification of
> incoming/outgoing packets. I have been using a single threaded model.
> But i've found out that from 2.6.31 kernel, its possible to have
> different queues for different connection. so i was wandering if its
> possible to manage each queues in different threads.

Its usually simpler to just run several instances of the same program,
easier to maintain/debug and avoids locking/race conditions...

If you have requirements that make this a bad choice (e.g. memory
usage), then yes, you can use threads.


for a program that does this.

> if i initialize above in the main thread and want to run the callbacks
> in threads, is it enough to run infinite loop in a function which will
> be given to pthread_create()? Will it run the callbacks in threads? 


> i'm not sure, but my understanding tells me, a packet is popped from the
> queues when nfq_set_verdict is returned. so i need to run
> nfq_set_verdict in separate threads so that i packets can be popped from
> queues parallel.

I don't understand this part.  Basically all the processing do this
(see url above for full example):

 static int nfnl_queue_cb(struct nfq_q_handle *qh, struct nfgenmsg *nfmsg,
               struct nfq_data *nfa, void *data) {
        ret = nfq_get_payload(nfa, &pkt);
        return nfq_set_verdict2( .. )

static void *_thread_main(void *arg) {
        while (!thread_should_stop) {
                ssize_t rv = read(fd, buf, nfq_buf_len);
                if (rv > 0)
                        nfq_handle_packet(nfq_h, buf, (int) rv);
                        /* error ... */
	/* cleanup */
        return NULL;

All the threads then run nfnl_queue_cb() independently.
Of course, you'll need to add proper locking if they need to
access shared data structures...
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