Re: Replacement for nf-HiPAC

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I'm trying to find a packet classifier that can be used with netfilter.
I've looked at the Network Application Classification Library from
Vineyard Networks but looks like that's a proprietary option.
nf-HiPAC hasn't been updated in a while and I just wanted to get some
feedback and opinions before I embarked on integrating my application
with OpenDPI (
My major question / dilemma at this point: Is there an open-source /
respected packet classification library that can run on ARM, x86 Linux
machines? Needs to be able to classify application data if possible...
Is HiPAC still the bet option out there? Good for high performance
networks? For embedded applications?

I have just started exploring the vast space that is network
programming. Thanks a ton for your time and help.

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