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 Hi,  I'm hoping that you can point out what i'm missing here. I have a server (router0) with a public ip that's using an internet modem as a gateway. the server (router0) also has a second card used for lan comms where it has ip address addresses are broadcast via dhcp along with DNS and gateway settings and everything works perfectly when i MASQUERADE the local ips to the wan address with iptables.   The issue is this: i'm trying to set up another server (db0) behind router0 on the lan side and want to have it's packets go the my router0 gateway and be forwarded to the internet side and vice versa. db0 has an address with .74 set as the gateway. if i set up my addressing on db0 using lan addresses and my db0 server can connect and everything but if i use the wan address i can't connect even to the router0 address. i had inserted the following rule to my tables forward chain:  iptables -I FORWARD -s -j ACCEPT  to allow public packets from either side to be forwarded to both sides but i can't seem to get the boxes to through to each other.  Can anyone tell me were i'm getting it wrong?  Thanks in advance
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