Re: Proper ipset userspace version for 3.0.X longterm kernel

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On 17/02/12 at 09:27, Jozsef Kadlecsik wrote:
> On Fri, 17 Feb 2012, Andreas Herz wrote:
> > i have a linux setup with the longterm kernel 3.0.X and i want to use
> > ipset. What i want to know is, what ipset 6.X version is the proper to
> > use with the 3.0.X kernel?
> > I saw several patches up to 2011-06-05 that are in the kernel. Then i
> > compared the kernelspace code from the kernel from with the
> > ipset files from the ipset/netfilter page. I found out that version 6.3
> > has the fewest of all differences.
> The kernel tree is a little behind the ipset development, the most recent 
> 3.x kernel (not 3.0.x) is around ipset 6.9.1.

That's what i thought, the problem is i need to stay with the 3.0.x
LT kernel. But thanks for the info about 3.x and 6.9.1. I need this for
another scenario.

> > To be more precisely, i have 3.0.X ipset kernelspace and i want to know
> > which version i have to download and build to have the proper userspace
> > part. I had ipset 6.9.1 installed, worked fine but for example when i
> > tried to do "ipset create foobar hash:net,iface" the process was dead
> > and not killable. This one is clear, cause hash:net,iface is not part of
> > the kernelspace part in 3.0.X.
> That's a bug in the ipset userspace tool then and I'll look into it: the 
> program should have reported that the type was unsupported by the kernel.

Do you need any more informations for this bug? I used 3.0.16 and the
userspace tool was 6.9.1 from Fedora 17.

> > So is 6.3 the right ipset userspace version? And if yes, then why are
> > there still so many diffs like the "u32 flags" that are missing in 3.0.X
> > in the set files but are integrated in 6.3.
> > 
> > Or do you suggest to avoid the ipset kernelspace part from the 3.0.X
> > kernel and use the ipset for both, kernel- and userspace, from the
> > website?
> I suggest you to use both the kernel and userspace from the ipset package 
> if you want to use the 3.0.x kernel tree.

I guess you're right. I don't insist on the new features but i saw that
there are several bugfixes with each 6.X version that might be useful
for my/our setup.
I used the ipset 4.X the same way.

And thanks for your fast response :)

Andreas Herz
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