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On Friday 2012-01-27 14:11, Alex Bligh wrote:
>>> I have a legacy application which forwards lots of packets (router,
>>> essentially) and uses a lot of sometimes badly written autogenerated
>>> iptables rules (about 3,000 of them).
>>> I am seeing on a good day high route cache efficiency. Do packets
>>> which do not follow the slow path (i.e. cache hits) also cache
>>> what iptables rules they hit? Nothing fancy in use bar conn_track.
>> Whether the route lookup was satisfied by cache or not  plays no role
>> for Xtables execution.
>Thanks. I don't suppose you know of any work on caching iptables lookups

That would not quite work with e.g. matches that change depending on the
moonphase, such as -m statistic --mode nth.

>or non-linearising lookups? I am thinking of rules in the FORWARD chain which
>either select by source prefix or interface (or the destination equivalent)
>and if the criterion is met, jump to another rule.

Partly by use of ipset.

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