Re: [ANNOUNCE] ipset 6.11 released

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On Sat, 21 Jan 2012, Amos Jeffries wrote:

> On 21/01/2012 5:45 a.m., Mr Dash Four wrote:
> > 
> > > Doable, but needs time and would involve adding the logic to auto-merge
> > > smaller subnets into larger ones and to make possible to delete subnets
> > > from larger networks.
> > Merging of ip ranges would be very difficult - I am having the same problem
> > here as well. I use PostgreSQL as part of my setup and even though it has
> Jozsef, have you had a look at how rbldnsd handles ranges? It has to 
> deal with the same issues as ipset seems to be facing now, also at some 
> high speed requirements. Maybe you could pull some inspiration out of 
> that.

Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it.

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