Re: Advice on best way to set up multi-route NAT for lots of IPs

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On Thu, 2012-01-05 at 18:08 +0100, Rob Sterenborg (lists) wrote:
> Except if the OP wants to NAT, say, a /24 to each of his public IP's;
> then it's not going to work with NETMAP. And that is what I understood
> when I re-read his first post. NETMAP will only do a 1:1 NAT (each
> private IP to a corresponding public IP) for networks.

Ah, got you. As per my other (later) post, I'm not entirely sure I
understand the exact network configuration here.

I was assuming that the OP could send on the internal network from a
suitable internal IP address (per customer) and then map that 1:1 to an
external address.


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