Re: redundancy with Adsl modem

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On Wed, 04 Jan 2012 03:09:12 -0600, Gáspár Lajos <swifty@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have made some time ago an iface match that can check the state of an interface...
Maybe you can use it. (It is in the xtables-addons)

Hi Swifty,

I'm sure your iface match is very useful in many circumstances.  However I would like to point out that link status monitor ( actually evaluates the link quality by pinging an IP (perhaps several hops past the gateway IP), keeping track of the number of lost and late-arriving packets over the last 60 seconds.  If the number of late or dropped packets exceeds a certain (configurable) number, then the link is reported as "down".  The main advantage to this (and the fact that it happens outside of netfilter) is that the firewall can be automatically reconfigured to exclude the failed link from routing.  When the link quality is seen to have improved, the failed link can be included again in the routing decision.

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