Re: Advice on best way to set up multi-route NAT for lots of IPs

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> So, I understand you are setting up 3-8 mail servers that will send out bulk
> email for 1600 hosts, so that the sender IP in the mails will have your 3-8
> "reputable" IPs rather than one of the 1600 "unknown" IPs.
> This would not be a regular email relay, since that would put the sender IP
> in the mail headers.  Are you thinking to use NAT to try to hide the sender
> IP? That's not the way to do it.
> Frankly, this looks to me like bulk-email-laundering.  That is, it's a way
> to convey email "reputation" from one of 3-8 "trusted" IPs to the 1600
> "unknown" ones.
> Sorry, a have a personal issue with spam, and anything that could be used
> (if not by you, then by someone else) to get spam delivered. I think the
> email reputation of a public IP address should be earned, and it *should*
> take time to earn it.

No, you misunderstand. (At least with IPv4) Reputation ~= IP. The goal
is 1 client = (at least) 1 IP. Reputation DOES take time to build up,
and the best way to build it up is by sending relevant, permissioned
newsletters from an IP that is used by only ONE client. We agree, this
is how it should be. But lots of clients = lots of IPs...
But this is *WAY* OT...
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