Re: Advice on best way to set up multi-route NAT for lots of IPs

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> Hi,
> I am new to this list and I have little experience with netfilter, but I
> think I can help you. However, I need some clarification:
> When you say your machines need to be able to send email from each of those
> 1600 public IPs, do you mean your 3-8 machines serve as SMTP relays for 1600
> hosts, each with a public IP?  Do you mean that you are *not* the ISP, and
> are providing only smtp service for the hosts?

ESP. Think Mailchimp just a little smaller. Lots of clients need lots
of IPs (it's a reputation thing, and quite an interesting computing
problem, see
or just search for "email marketing dedicated ip" for an intro).

echo '16i[q]sa[ln0=aln100%Pln100/snlbx]sbA0D4D465452snlbxq' | dc
This will help you for 99.9% of your problems ...
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